A modern classic
A modern classic
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A modern classic

The first decades of the twentieth century move between utopia and escape from reality, between classicism and obsession with modernity. An ambiguity that made a historical period in which Italian art was one of the highest collective expressions of the time unique and original. In those years, Bar Vittorio Emanuele was already the meeting place for artists, intellectuals and citizens of Bologna.

Today the artist Massimiliano Marzucco has reinterpreted the concept of “Modern Classic” for the new Bar Vittorio Emanuele, that is the meeting between the charm of history and the dynamism of the present.

The result is the extraordinary “futurist” reworking of the monuments surrounding the bar and every graphic aspect, from the menu to the signs.


Bar Vittorio Emanuele

Piazza Maggiore, 1, 40124 Bologna (BO),
Open: 08:00 am – 10:00 pm